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I am writing this recommendation for "The Yoga Teacher" Jeff Stigen because I want to express my appreciation for his hard work he puts into helping me improve my physical, mental & spiritual health.

I have been an above knee amputee for more than 33 years and have had a total hip replacement on the opposite hip of my amputation. In addition to those major surgeries, I have had literally dozens of other major surgeries. I mention these to make the point that my body has a lot of scare tissue and stresses that more normal folks don't have. I decided to try yoga with Jeff because I know him to be a conscientious person who would make an honest attempt to help me with all the chronic pain issues I live with.

After every session  I leave with a deeper appreciation for how much effort and care he puts into personalizing the yoga postures to my particular physical and spiritual needs.  I do not say this lightly, as I am a retired Registered Nurse and I have some knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. I very much realize and appreciate the extra time he puts into to tailoring the yoga postures to my physical capabilities. Although I know it will take some additional time to achieve our goal of less physical pain I already feel so much stronger in my coping abilities and also feel more positive and spiritually alive. I especially love the guided meditations that are part of every session. And of course I will continue to work with "The Yoga Teacher". Thank you so much Jeff....and Namaste.... :)   - Michael Lucchesi


     There was a time when I thought yoga was just for women and was all about stretching and flexibility.  I was a bit intimidated by starting yoga in a class setting as a male beginner but then along came the Yoga Teacher who said he would start me in one on one classes. I noticed immediately that it was a lot more than stretching and actually was a great overall workout.  It increases muscle strength, balance, flexibility, as well as giving a cardio workout.  After the first class, I thought about how much yoga would have helped my soccer playing performance and wished I had started yoga years ago.  I have lost 15 pounds since I have started doing yoga twice a week.  It has decreased joint pain in my knees, wrists and back.  I also enjoy the spiritual element and deep breathing that yoga has brought into my life.    The Yoga Teacher is excellent at reading my body and its limitations while still pushing me enough to get the most rewarding fitness gain.  He is very patient, clear and calm, and very knowledgeable.  I highly recommend The Yoga Teacher’s classes for anyone regardless of their age, sex, and fitness level advanced or beginner.   

Sincerely,   Gideon Parque.


  Jeff Stigen, yoga teacher extraordinaire, has brought the bliss of yoga back into my life. As a hard-working single mom with a stressful schedule, I look forward to my weekly sessions with Jeff in his beautiful, sunny studio. It’s like my own little personal oasis where I can let go of my outside life and melt into the world of yoga. Often, I arrive stressed out but then leave fully grounded in my own body, balanced and able to focus on what is in front of me without feeling overwhelmed. As someone returning to yoga after a few years off, I needed TLC. Jeff was able to meet me at my ability level and help me gain strength gradually at my own pace. We mixed incredibly relaxing stretches with effective core work. Jeff takes the time to get to know his clients and their needs and tailor his teaching to what each person needs. He helped me learn proper alignment which prevented injury and taught me to listen to my body and know my limits. He brought the gift of yoga back into my life. 

Thank you, Jeff!  Elisabeth Dunham Gerding


Jeffrey is a calming force!  He teaches yoga to me and my teenage daughter.  I am an uncoordinated; too many things to do, do I really have time for this?  Yet, at the end of yoga with Jeffrey, my outlook is better.  My body feels better, and I feel stronger, mentally and physically. 

Jeffrey is professional, calming, patient and kind.  He will gently coax you to achieving the most that you can in that moment.  Every moment for Jeffrey is teachable, and he is striving to bring out the best in his clients.  He works and adjusts according to your needs.  Jeffrey is very in tune and accommodating, yet knows when you need to be accountable.  All I can say is schedule your time with Jeffrey now.  You will not regret it.

Leslie Hwa

"The Yoga Teacher IS the fountain of youth!

Mind, body and soul are enriched by Jeffrey's teachings.

He has a great understanding of the cardiovascular, muscular, and mental benefits of yoga, and pinpoints them, as he eases you into each pose.

I am lucky to have him as my teacher and guide. I hope to work and grow with him for years to come " -Meg Coulter


I am a fitness club dropout. I really wanted to do yoga but between full parking lots, inconvenient class times, big lines of people trying to get into the class, mats placed so close that you hit the person next to you if you are not in complete sequence, and little to no individual instructor help with doing poses correctly, I gave up.
My 16 year old daughter, my 57 year old husband and I have been doing yoga with Jeff for about 2 years now. He has a very lovely, serene yoga studio in his home in a quiet neighborhood. Parking is never an issue. What I really appreciate about Jeff is his infinite patience and calmness. He tailors the class to your abilities and your mood. I have knee and foot problems and stand all day for my job. A friday evening session after a week of work stretches and relieves my sore muscles. Jeff does a great relaxation portion of the session and it makes for a great start to the weekend.
I'm impressed with how much my daughter's yoga practice has advanced. She does not do sports at school and of course there is no PE at that age level. She also has Tourette's syndrome which causes any number of muscular-skeletal issues. Yoga has been great for her flexibility, muscle stretching and relaxation. She enjoys the benefits so much, she does 3 session per week.
Jeff's ability to tailor sessions for our very different skill levels and physical limitations due to injury and "age", allows us to do Yoga with our daughter, making it a family time instead of "alone in a crowd" time.
I highly recommend Jeff as an excellent yoga instructor and especially the benefits of his one on one instruction.
Monica Mueller
NE Portland

"I always feel like I walk a little bit leaner, stronger, calmer, and taller after a session with Jeff."

--Kristie Perry, avid runner, hiker, gardener, and dog-lover

I was apprehensive of practicing yoga in a group setting – I don’t know what to do, and felt it wasn’t for me. After practicing with Jeff for several months now, his gentle and personalized session have me feeling stronger, more confident and more centered.  My body is changing, and I love how I’m feeling.   Cari Carter

I was involved in a motorcycle accident, and have dealt with chronic lower back pain for years.  After just a few months of yoga with Jeff, my pain started to ease. A year later I am about 90% pain free, as my back has strengthened.  Jeff is very intuitive in how to deal with me individually, so that not only does my back feel better, but the rest of my joints feel better too.  I have already recommended Jeff to several other friends who have all had great success working with him.


Lenny Gotter



Jeff has a calming demeanor and attitude in his approach to teaching yoga. I feel he understood my starting point physically and mentally, but he could also see the long-term potential benefits of yoga for me too. He is patient and not annoyed when I have difficulty remembering my poses! I feel like yoga has been a huge plus for me; yet when I began, I was only anticipating physical exercise - I did not know it would help me be stronger mentally.


Kelly K. Smith

Last year, at age 54, I was diagnosed with Toxic Peripheral Neuropathy and Tendinopathy after being prescribed the antibiotic Cipro.  I was Floxed.  My neuromuscular and nervous system was in disrepair.  After 7 months of physical therapy and naturopathic treatment, I decided to venture back into yoga.  I had experienced yoga classes previously, and knew of their value, but did not want to risk the public experience given my loss of motor coordination.  I read about Jeff's private yoga sessions and decided to give it a try.  I am very glad I did.  Jeff is insightful, wise and nurturing.  The 1:1 classes are perfect for me as they allow me to focus on my own progress and recovery.  I have begun to reclaim my body and peace of mind with Jeff's guidance.  The blend of yoga and meditation has been perfect for my recovery.


Jay, Clinical Psychologist

Professional and supportive Yoga Teacher
"I have been taking private yoga lessons from Jeff for 3 months now. I have found him to be a highly skilled professional with a very supportive and friendly style. Many of our sessions are built around how my body is feeling that day, e.g., tight lower back, tense shoulders, etc. Jeff's classes are an excellent complement to the weight lifting training I do and often, just as challenging. I highly recommend Jeff."


Rick Briasco            

 Jeff's style is low key and supportive, but he does know when to challenge me a bit to gain more confidence and strength.  When I started my classes with Jeff, I had consistent low back aches and problems with my right foot due to how how tight my legs were.  I also saw a chiropractir on a regular basis.  Since I have been taking the classes, my visits to a chiropractir are much less frequent, my back ache has almost entirely disappeared as have the problems with my right foot!  


Jeff is a keen observer and routinely asks questions about how I am doing, how my body is today and if I want to focus on any particular area.  We have focused a lot on my low back and leg tightness and the results have been remarkable!  My health in those areas has been the best it has been for several years. I have my weekly session with Jeff on Monday's after work, and usually have the best sleep of the week on those evenings!


Ty Thompson

Jeff is a spectacular yoga teacher. I feel extremely blessed to have found him.  I wanted to rediscover my yoga practice but wasn't interested in attending group sessions when I became aware of Jeff's practice. At age 60 I simply prefer not to venture out and about too much in my yoga outfit. Each session with Jeff is individualized to suit my specific needs depending on how I feel that day.  Some days it may be a more restorative/meditative session while other days may be more active, working on core strength, balance or flexibility.  Jeff is very intuitive and able to tailor each session to meet the students need. He attends to ones physical being and also to their spirit.  I really appreciate Jeff's ability to verbally  instruct the student in movement so that one feels the smooth flow. He very nicely instructs one how to move so that the student can practice with closed eyes if they desire. His studio is lovely. Based in his home in the Rose City Park neighborhood it is a quiet peaceful space. I live nearby so walk to my sessions but if one needs to drive parking would never be an issue.  Anyone looking for individualized yoga instruction will benefit from working with Jeff. He is patient, kind and encouraging and able to instruct beginners and those with more yoga experience alike. I am very happy to endorse him.


Yoga sessions with Jeff leave me refreshed and more flexible, a perfect way to begin the day.  He tailors each practice to my ability and preferences, and provides variety in the exercise routines to keep the sessions fresh.  Jeff is astute at assessing needs and abilities and he has the right balance of providing challenge without overwhelming me with positions that are too difficult.  Before beginning the sessions with Jeff, I was experiencing hip and leg pain and after several months of targeted yoga the pain is gone.  His home studio is a serene oasis, and Jeff is a warm and sensitive yoga instructor. 

Meg Eberle

I have taken private yoga classes with Jeff for almost a year now and enjoy practicing with him very much.  He is a knowledgeable, caring, responsive teacher with a good mix of different yoga styles, and an intuitive sense of when to challenge and when to honor a quieter practice.  Having studied yoga for decades with many great teachers, I was delighted to find another wonderful teacher in Jeff, and to be able to study in a more personalized setting. I also appreciate that he brings the spiritual side of yoga into our time together.  My body and soul always feel better at the end of our sessions!"

Kate Schuyler

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